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Our values

The good food value, in an authentic and harmonious place, helps to better appreciate the taste and the pleasure of the company.

Our cuisine is based on culinary traditions integrated with new flavors.

Our chefs are young and able of transmitting all the customers the love for good food with new recipes approach.

The kitchen of Ex Mauri originates from the Venetian, but today the Osteria propose regional Italian dishes with small ethnic and modern connotations, to obtain effect preparations with a touch of originality.

Every dish is cooked at the time, combining the creativity of the chefs and the simplicity of fresh products, using local raw materials, in accordance with the seasons and taste.

Ex Mauri wanted to create a welcoming environment by restoring the ancient traces left by the local historian: an old wine cellar that can be glimpsed through a porthole in the floor and an old fireplace discovered during the renovation works at the center of the room.